10 Sep

Applied Research Lab @ UT-Austin Mini-Talk

Dr. Jason Kulpe, a recent Georgia Tech graduate, will be presenting information on opportunities at ARL. After the short presentation, food will be provided, as always. Information on the talk is listed below:

Applied Research Laboratories at UT Austin Mini-Talk

Speaker: Dr. Jason Kulpe with ARL

Date: Tuesday, September 15th (next Tuesday)

Time: 11am-12pm

Location: MRDC 2405


BioThe Applied Research Laboratories of The University of Texas at Austin (ARL:UT) is a research unit that has been associated with the university since 1946. Throughout its 60 year history, ARL has been engaged in a sponsored research program dedicated to improving our nation’s military capability in applications of acousticselectromagnetics, and information technology. As an organized research unit reporting to the Vice President for Research, ARL supports the three traditional roles of a major university: researcheducation, and public service.


And of course, free food will be provided (vegetarian options available).

If you will be graduating soon and are interested in a position at ARL, bring your resume and/or CV!