14 Jan

Speaker: Dr. Julien Meaud

Join us for our first ASA seminar of the spring semester! ME professor Dr. Julien Meaud will give a talk about his work on modeling the mammalian ear. See abstract below.

Date: Wednesday January 22nd
Time: 12 pm
Location: MRDC 4211

As always, food will be provided!

Computational Modeling of the Mammalian Ear

Due to the active feedback by outer hair cells in the cochlea, the mammalian ear is a complex sensory system with high sensitivity and sharp tuning in response to low level sounds and a broad dynamic range. Moreover, the mammalian ear can emit sound that can be non-invasively recorded in the ear canal in order to diagnose hearing pathologies. In this talk I will present the development of a computational model of the mammalian ear that couples a multiphysics model of the cochlea and a lumped parameter model of the middle ear. This model can be used as a virtual laboratory in order to test theories of hearing mechanics and to better diagnose hearing pathologies.