15 Oct

Speaker: Dr. Tim Hsu

Join us for our next ASA seminar on musical acoustics! A presentation will be given by former ASA president Dr. Tim Hsu. See abstract below.

Date: Monday October 21st
Time: 12 pm
Location: MRDC 4211

Food is always provided – it will be delicious this time!

Historically Informed Performance and Musical Acoustics

It is a current trend amongst some musicians to attempt to play music in a historically informed fashioned. These performances, that often utilize period specific instruments, musicologically researched performance styles, historical pronunciations, as well as other period specific decisions, are labeled as historically informed performances. However, as musicians and musicologists explore performance practices, the field of historically informed acoustics attempts to study the acoustics of historical spaces and the modeling and simulation of historical instruments. A highly interdisciplinary field, historically informed acoustics is a cross-section between acoustics, music performance, and musicology. This talk explores these musical acoustical topics and gives examples of some extant and non-extant performances spaces and instruments. These examples will include the current state of acoustical measurements in some extant churches in Venice as well include some of the research challenges in this field.