04 Sep

Bose Seminar

There will be an interesting talk (hosted by the ECE department) given by a GT alum and current Bose audio engineer. See below for details.

Time: Tuesday 9/11/2012 at 3PM
Location: CSIP library (located on the 5th floor, Room 5186, of Centergy One in Technology Square)
Title: The Evolution of Audio Technology that Transports the Cinematic Experience into the Home
Advances in audio technology have brought the experience of the cinema to the living room. Traditional home theatre occupies significant space within the home. Audio system advancements have made possible compelling new form factors that have allowed home theater to gain mainstream acceptance. Guy Torio, an Audio System Research Engineer at Bose, will share the evolution of audio research and design for the home from multiple monolithic floor standing loudspeakers to all-encompassing single piece systems and everything in between. With regards to bringing the best possible experience into the home, technology advancements in the areas of acoustics, signal processing, and overall system design will be discussed.